Taking our time

My dear friend Maureen has a saying – “We’re travellers not tourists.” We like to travel according to this creed, and prefer to spend our time seeing a few places thoroughly instead skimming over lots and just scratching the surface. Recently I was telling someone about our last trip, to Germany and Austria, and her response was: “Are those the only places you went to in all that time?” She was incredulous. But that’s how we like it. We stay for several days, explore the back alleys, walk down the local streets, spend time browsing in the supermarkets, visit all the famous sites and try to find some places less well known as well.

My parents have a habit when they travel to a new place of getting the local bus and staying on until it reaches the end of its journey, and then going back again. It’s a lovely way to see what lies beyond the tourist strip and spend time with the locals.


3 thoughts on “Taking our time

  1. I agree with you! I hate whirlwind trips where you just see a place to check it off your list. I believe too in lingering and exploring a place, getting a feel for the culture. Living abroad and traveling are such different experiences; I always want to try to capture the living abroad feeling while I’m traveling. You can only do that by lingering. 🙂

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