On the beaches

We camped here on White beach, near Shab, on the first night of the New Year and the next morning watched a golden sunrise over the Gulf of Oman while the mountains rose up starkly behind us. Except for us the beach was deserted and we had time to explore and enjoy the serenity.

We swam here at Ras Al Hadd, on the eastern most point of Oman where the Arabian Sea meets the Gulf of Oman in a line of white capped breakers. The fishermen leave their boats pulled up just past the water line.

We saw green turtles here at Ras Al Jinz. The Sea Turtle and Nature Reserve, near the village of Ras Al Hadd, is one of the largest nesting areas for Green Turtles in the Indian Ocean. We stayed in a hut made from date palm fronds at the Turtle Beach Resort, and after dark, went to the Turtle Reserve where we saw the full circle of life – from turtles laying their eggs in the sand to tiny babies hatching and struggling to make their way to the relative safety of the water. Cameras were forbidden so these pictures come courtesy of Wikipedia.

Baby green turtles at Ras al-Jinz, Oman

Baby green turtles at Ras al-Jinz, Oman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Green turtle nesting at Ras al-Jinz, Oman

Green turtle nesting at Ras al-Jinz, Oman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  We fished here at Seeb. There is a local fish market on the beach and the fishermen lay out their fresh catch right on the sand. We didn’t have to buy this day as we caught our own beauty, big enough for a meal for four.

13 thoughts on “On the beaches

  1. Nice you were able to see so many turtles at Ras al Jinz. When I went in November last year, there was only one turtle on the whole beach with scores of people standing around it! Did you hike about 1 1/2 hours back into Wadi Shab and swim into the pool inside a cave?


    • We were so lucky. There were several turtles laying eggs and we saw lots of babies too. We did hike into Wadi Shab, but we didn’t swim into the pool because we decided the water was too chilly. That was an unfortunate decision because where we camped on White Beach there were no facilities so no shower that night!


      • That’s great you saw so many turtles. Yes, that’s one thing I dislike about camping in Oman. There are never any facilities, unlike US campgrounds. I like a shower, toilet and a nice cozy bed. That’s why camping is just not my thing!


  2. Dear Eternal Traveller 🙂

    My name is Ali Al Yousifi, an architect from Kuwait. I am currently creating a portfolio in order to apply to graduate school. While searching for pictures of mountain landscapes i came across a picture from your blog that i really like.

    its this one: https://theeternaltraveller.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/s5002254.jpg

    I was wondering if i can use it as part of my portfolio as a background image for one of the pages. I will of course give you full credit for the image.

    Thank you,


    • Yes Ali, you may use my photograph. Thank you for asking. I’m happy that you like it and also that you will credit the photograph. Will your portfolio be a digital version? I would love to see it when it is finished. Regards Carol.


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