With Our Heads in the Clouds – Part Four

From Krippenstein station we rode the third cable car over the mountain to the alpine valley station. This time our only companion was the cable car driver and once we arrived he retreated to his office and left us to our own devices.

There was not another living being to be seen, neither human nor animal, and the silence was complete – no birdsong, cars or voices to break the stillness. There were several lodges across the valley but we met no other people.

We walked a little way along the path into the valley. At an altitude of 1800 metres the air was brisk and fresh and finally the clouds were gone.

We searched in vain for edelweiss, but there was an abundance of other delicate alpine blossoms.

We took all three cable cars back down to the first valley station at Obertraun just before closing time to avoid an unscheduled overnight stay. Later when we were back at our guest house in Hallstatt we were admiring the view of the mountains as we had done every day and suddenly we realised that we could actually see where we had been. The clouds that had shrouded the mountains for much of the day had cleared and the 5Fingers platform was just visible at the top of the mountain. With our binoculars it was easy to see where we had been standing a few hours before.

We had taken a gamble and it paid off. The weather gods had given us their blessing this day.


2 thoughts on “With Our Heads in the Clouds – Part Four

  1. It was truly stunning and so different from what we have here in Australia. We heard about Hallstatt from some friends and after seeing their photos we knew we had to go there too. I would highly recommend it as an amazing destination.

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