Special Photo Challenge – Inspiration

What inspires me to blog?

Independent travel

Near and far

Stories to tell

Precious memories

Incredible experiences

Realising our dreams

Amazing places

Taking our time

Intriguing tales

Other lands, other people

New friends


13 thoughts on “Special Photo Challenge – Inspiration

    • I know!!!!! I’m looking at it right now. Thank you so much. That’s a great compliment. I see you’re a teacher who reads and quilts. My goodness, we are kindred spirits. I’ve been teaching since 1982 and making quilts since 1984.

      • That IS funny! I just retired August 31, or I wouldn’t have time to do all this blogging. I started quilting in 1979, then quit for 30 years, and went back to it. I still am not up to speed, but I have fun at it anyway. I started teaching in 1988-89. Maybe we’ll meet on a trip somewhere!!! I wouldn’t put it past us to schedule trips in the same places!

  1. Your turn will come Leanne. We really only started travelling outside Australia once our girls had finished high school and were a little more independent. We’re looking forward to many years of seeing Australia and the rest of the world.

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