Weekly Photo Challenge – Changing Seasons

The Queensland city of Toowoomba is perched on the crest of the Great Dividing Range, about 700 metres above sea level. Its location means that while much of Queensland has hot Summers and mild Winters, Toowoomba experiences four distinct seasons. For most residents the favourite is Spring, which brings with it an unsurpassed floral display. The rich volcanic soil of the area produces gardens vibrant with colour and Toowoomba is known across Australia as the Garden City. Each September, the city celebrates the Carnival of Flowers with a Grand Parade, arts and crafts exhibitions, garden competitions and a food and wine festival. The local parks and gardens, having been lovingly tended through the Winter months by a team of council gardeners, become a haven for locals and visitors alike. The garden beds overflow with Spring flowers, and many trees and shrubs are weighed down with blossoms. When the Carnival of Flowers begins, the people of Toowoomba know that it’s Springtime again.

26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Changing Seasons

  1. That is something you don’t see much of here. We mostly grow food or clothing crops. Lots of fruit and nuts in our area. You find flowers in people’s yards or in parking lots, etc, but seldom miles of flowers. Have you ever been to Buchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada? If you ever get a chance to come to the western United States, go up on a ferry from Seattle to Victoria. It’s well worth the time. One of the most beautiful places I know for flowers.


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