A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Weather

From our room on the 23rd floor of a city hotel, we could see this storm moving rapidly across Brisbane.


Within a few minutes it had engulfed the city centre and just as quickly it moved on.



10 thoughts on “A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Weather

  1. Yep that fits the challenge theme. It can be so amazing watching weather change like that. I love it. You were in a great place for it.
    I saw the best storm and the worst storm approach one, it was the same. The lightening as the storm approached was surreal. The way it lit up the clouds like a sunset, then the sky got darker and darker, then the storm hit, there was a loud thud, scared us, I should mention we were in the car, a friend and I were on our way through the city to the arts centre to see a play. Then another thud, then we realised it was hail. very large big bits of hail. We drove a couple of blocks, then had to pull over because I couldn’t see to drive anymore. The noise was deafening. I was worried the windows in the car were going to smash. After about 15 minutes we drove off and as we got closer to the river, we realised it was flooded, and we had to drive through 2 feet of water. Melbourne can really put on a great show. Hhaha, we made the play and two weeks later my car was written off by the insurance company because of hail damage. Sorry, very long comment, feel free to delete.


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