Weekly Photo Challenge – Love

The Great Western Tiers Visitor Centre in Deloraine, Tasmania is the home of YARNS Artwork in Silk – four hand stitched and quilted silk panels depicting the story of the Meander Valley.

The panels were created by more than 300 members of the Meander Valley community, who were guided by their Artistic Director Niecy van der Elst-Brown, and incorporate many handwork techniques including embroidery, fabric sculpture, applique, weaving and cross-stitch. They are housed in an auditorium within the centre. For a small fee visitors can see both the Deloraine & Districts Folk Museum and YARNS. Every half hour an audio presentation and light show explains the stories of the panels and how they were made. The presentation encourages visitors to look more closely at the fine details which might otherwise go unnoticed.









Each panel measures about 4 x 3 metres and it’s hard to imagine just how many hours went into their creation. YARNS Artwork in Silk is truly a labour of love.

29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Love

  1. They are quite beautiful. How big were they? I missed a big quilting show in Ontario when I was there for a meeting today! I bet quilting in silk is hard because I would think it would ravel. I always admire anyone who has this much patience and ability!! Thanks for taking these!!! 🙂


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