In the Footsteps of the Past – The Four Corners of Ross

Ross, in the midlands of Tasmania, is the best preserved 19th century town in Australia and is listed on the Register of the National Trust. Many of the elegant sandstone buildings, the historic bridge and the remains of the Female Factory are reminders of its convict history.

tasmania 033

The main crossroads of Church and Bridge Streets are flanked on all four sides by original buildings from the early 19th century, each having a different purpose in the life of the early town. They became known as the Four Corners of Ross:

Temptation – the Man O’ Ross Hotel, which dates from 1835, was established by William Sadler.

tasmania 025

Recreation – the Town Hall, where dances and other social events were often held, was originally part of the home of the Governor of the Prison.

tasmania 029

Salvation – originally a store, home and bakery owned by the Bacon family but converted to a Roman Catholic Church in 1920.

tasmania 027

Damnation – now a private residence, but originally the town jail and police station.

tasmania 028

In total there are 40 historic buildings in Ross and they can easily be viewed in a short walk around the town. The Post Office was built in 1896 and retains many of its original features, including a mounting stone for people to climb onto their horses, and an old post box.

tasmania 057

Convict built in 1832, Ross Bakery Inn was first known as the Sherwood Castle Inn and was for many years a coaching inn and horse changing station. It now operates as a Bed and Breakfast and takes its present name from the original bakery which was next door.

tasmania 046

Macquarie House and Store were built in the 1840s by William Carter to service the growing district. Six generations of the same family have lived in this lovely old house.

tasmania 045

Take a gentle stroll along the streets of Ross and you will find yourself, like the early convict inhabitants, transported to another time and place.

9 thoughts on “In the Footsteps of the Past – The Four Corners of Ross

  1. Great photos of old buildings. So different than our own. Since I am doing some history on our town. I need to go down and take current photos. Maybe if it’s not raining tomorrow. So many yellow brick buildings. They are lovely. 🙂 Marsha 🙂


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