Weekly Photo Challenge – Lost in the Details

Visitors to Paris spend much of their time looking up or looking down, gazing in wonder at the fine details to be seen in every building and on every street. Each of these photos was taken at a famous Parisian landmark.






How many of these places do you know or can guess? Hover over each photo to reveal the answer.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Lost in the Details

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  2. Your pictures are stunning, but the way you drew them together in a theme is what made the post more interesting to me. The other thing that occurred to me were the angles and the “details”. You did so well to capture the details. It’s a great photography lesson for me! Lovely!


    • Thank you. I’ve learned a lot from Leanne Cole about remembering to see the details in places, although these photos were taken well before I found her blog, so maybe I was doing it without realising it. I’m glad you enjoyed this post Marsha.


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