Weekly Photo Challenge – Change

The Central Business District of Sydney is bordered by the bays and inlets of Sydney Harbour, expansive parklands and busy Central Station. Its modern skyline features many of Australia’s tallest buildings including World Tower and MLC Centre. Sydney Tower, with its unique style, is the tallest at 309 metres.

Tucked away in a corner between Circular Quay and the Bradfield Highway is an area known as The Rocks, which dates from the first settlement of the colony of New South Wales. Campbells Cove is named after Robert Campbell, a Scottish merchant who built a small row of sandstone buildings between 1839 and 1861. They were used as warehouses for goods such as sugar and tea which were imported from India. Many of Australia’s earliest buildings still stand in The Rocks and are now used as restaurants, cafés and galleries.

What would Robert Campbell say if he could see his storehouses dwarfed by the giants of modern Sydney?


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Change

  1. If I were him I would be sad. At least they are still there. Here in USA they tear it down to make new. I guess I am old fashion. Thank you for your posts they are informative and interesting for me, Can not travel.


  2. It’s sometimes sad to see these things destroyed, but some buildings are in such a state of decrepitude and squalor that it’s better that they be replaced. What a great skyline! 😉


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