38 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – The Hue of You

  1. Awww, Carol, I used to be a quiltmaker too, and quit when my youngest son was born. I recently gave away all my collection of quilting fabrics. It makes me sad that I just couldn’t find time for it anymore, and it makes me nostalgic to see yours! Lovely. 🙂


  2. Well Carol and Cathy, I once and only once tried to make a quilt using Liberty Lawn but didn’t have the wherewithal to to get it to be rectangular/square/circular or any other recognised shape.

    I am most impressed and like the first one in particular.


    • Why thank you mrsc. I love the first one too. It’s a double wedding ring pattern. Let me tell you a funny story about it. I entered it in a quilt show once and I went with a friend to see the show. While we were standing admiring my quilt a very elderly couple came around the corner. The old man said to his wife, “I don’t like that one. It looks like a tablecloth.” My friend and I just had to leave before we started laughing hysterically. I guess it’s a matter of taste.

      Liberty Lawn isn’t the best fabric to make a quilt from. It’s too fine and delicate. Maybe that’s why you found it difficult.


  3. Those quilts are fabulous! I love them all – you are so clever. I have done simple patchwork in the past, but have never tried quilting, or even tricky patchwork! Last weekend I went to a stitching and knitting fair, where all the equipment you would ever need was on sale, and there were some beautiful fabrics and designs on offer. I was sorely tempted, but didn’t succumb (I had already succumbed to some lovely wools for knitting), but I would like to have a try one day.


  4. What lovely quilts you have there. I love quilts too and as a child and teen I made crazy quilts with my granny and mom. I got to do the embroidery part which I loved to do. I have always promised myself I’d get back into making quilts again. However, knitting is my first love and when I have the time for handwork I gravitate towards wool.


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  6. I see what you mean! (hearts). These are exquisite Carol, you are very talented. Do you sell them? I got into quilting when I was a young mother, but I only made small quilts for the cot and pram. What I really liked about quilting was the designs. I loved them and the different stories they tell. Maybe, one day, I’ll have another go. I still have some tracings of patterns somewhere, I think!
    Jude xx

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  8. I see I have been here before! Do you still so any quilting? I imagine where you live it has to be a winter occupation. You really do have talent, the patterns here are gorgeous. And reading the comments I see I still have not found a Julia’s rose. Must put it on the list!!


    • I didn’t even look at the comments. I just copied the link, so I didn’t notice either. That’s funny!
      The general rule of thumb with quilt making is piecing in summer and quilting in winter. But I find I can hand quilt at any time unless it’s really hot. At the moment, I’m completing a crocheted blanket in 100% wool. Even in this warmer weather, it’s okay if I don’t drape it over my lap as I go. I hope you are able to find a Julia. She is such a beautiful rose.

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