Weekly Photo Challenge – Layers

Coles Bay rests peacefully between The Hazards, a mountainous granite formation which juts out into the ocean, and Freycinet National Park on the east coast of Tasmania.

tasmania 057

At the end of the day the water is glass-like and the layers of ocean debris washed up on the shore can be clearly seen.

tasmania 055

Further up the sand the tiny pieces of detritus are scattered like decorations cast aside after a party.

tasmania 052


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Layers

  1. Can I “un” like this, Carol? Too bad people don’t have respect for our environment and don’t have any qualms about throwing their rubbish everywhere. It looks like a lovely place, so why do people have to ruin it?

    By the way, I just finished my Week 3 assignment for the Travel Writing Course. I think it’s terrible, so I’m sure the instructor will say just that tomorrow upon review! Too bad I didn’t look at the places I visited as “work,” while I was there; otherwise, I could have gotten a lot more local “color!”


    • I think you misunderstood Cathy. It was all bits of natural flotsam and jetsam, pebbles, vegetation and shells. It was so pristine and the water was very clear.

      You might be surprised by what Sue thinks of your writing, and she always finds something positive to say. I know what you mean though. I often wish I’d had this knowledge years ago.


      • Oh dear, Carol, so sorry! I guess I was swayed by the words “debris” and “detritus” and then didn’t look carefully enough at the photo. It looked like trash or rubbish when I first looked at it! Sorry!! I have just seen so much actual rubbish washed up on beaches, that I assumed that’s what it was. Well you know the saying: “Ass-u-me” makes an ass of u and me!

        I’ll see what Sue says; whatever it is, hopefully it will enlighten me and make me better. It’s such a bummer that, despite all my travels, I don’t really have a true travel article in any of them! Not without a lot more research and interviews for local color, anyway. 🙂


        • That’s okay! I know what you mean, I’ve seen Omani beaches too and we were shocked at the state of them…so much rubbish.

          I think if you went back through your photos and writing you would be surprised at what you have stored away. And all this knowledge will be good for the future.


            • Start pitching…the hardest one is the first. Not that I’ve done very much. That is why I started this blog, so I could practise my newly learned skills. You will be fine…just keep on writing. I think you should go back over some of your past posts. There is plenty of local colour there.


            • I will do that, Carol. I will set my goal for next year to get my first travel article published. I also want to get my novel published. I know it’s tough, but at least we have to try, right? Have you had an article published yet? I think the Australian publications are great; I’ve spend hours perusing Barnes and Noble only to find a handful of magazines that feature a travel article. Americans are simply not big travelers. Sigh.


            • I have had one published in a national magazine published by the gym I go to, and another on an online travel club website. It was the very first Justin Beaver story, and that prompted me to start The Adventures of Justin Beaver. Australia publishes the most magazines per capita of any country in the world. We love magazines and we love to travel…the perfect combo!


            • Great, Carol, congratulations for getting published! I’m sure that must make you really happy. Do you have links to your articles?

              It sounds like, from the travel writing course, that Australia has a ton of magazines, all of which feature travel articles. America has a ton of magazines too, but hardly any travel articles. It drives me crazy how inwardly-focused Americans are. I can’t seem to relate to anyone here regarding my love of travel, and living and working abroad. If it weren’t for my family connections here, I would be gone in a heartbeat. 🙂


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