Weekly Photo Challenge – Unexpected

After a bushwalk of more than 5 kilometres uphill to the Giant’s Chair lookout and down again to Fern Tree Pool at Cania Gorge, the level walking track along Doctors Gully provided a welcome change of pace. The overcast sky was perfect for hiking and birdcalls were the only sounds that pierced the stillness.


As we came round a curve in the track, an unexpected delight greeted us – a line of travellers’ stones, left by those who had come before us.



It was a stunning yet simple way for walkers to leave their mark. We added a stone each before moving on…our way of saying “We were here too”.


26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Unexpected

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  2. Quite an interesting art form. I never heard of such a thing until about a year ago or so when someone I used to follow on WP (no longer has a blog) would post his rock art.


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