Weekly Photo Challenge – Community

As part of European Car Free Day celebrations September 15th was Car Free Sunday in Bruges this year. From 10 am to 6 pm the cars were replaced by markets, performers, bands and dance groups. The streets were filled with people  wandering freely and enjoying the party atmosphere. Even the city museums had free entry for the day, which was an unexpected bonus for tourists.








28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Community

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  3. I love European towns because they can actually have car-free days. Here in the good old USA, everything is so spread out in suburbia-form, it’s very difficult to exist without a car. Unless of course you live smack dab in the middle of a big city. 🙂 How’s your course going, Carol?


    • It’s the same here. Our city only has a population of 110 000, and we live right on the very edge of it. To drive to the inner city takes 12 minutes and to go to my sister’s or parents’ places on the opposite edge of town takes 20 minutes. It’s too far to walk.

      I’ve done two modules of the course so far and it is very interesting. I’ve learned some great ideas and will apply them to the manuscripts I’ve already written. School holidays started here yesterday so now I am free to put lots of time into it too.


      • Great, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it. I hope to get together something to pitch in the next couple of weeks; my semester ends totally on Monday; have to enter grades on Monday morning and then I’m done… UNTIL next semester. I sure wish I could avoid going back to work at the college altogether. It’s very unsatisfying, and very low-paying, work. Happy holidays, Carol! 🙂


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