Belgium Is Famous For…#1 Lace

When I told my friends we were going to holiday in Belgium the most frequent comments they made were: “Make sure you buy some lace/drink some beer/eat some chocolate.” I couldn’t ignore these instructions and needed no encouragement to indulge in all three.

Belgian lace is world renowned and has been made since the 15th century. In Bruges there are lace shops on every street, with window displays showcasing everything from simple bookmarks to elaborate tablecloths. The workmanship is beautiful.


The Volkskundemuseum, or Folklore Museum, in Baalstraat, Bruges has an exquisite antique lace collection and some of the pieces are more than 200 years old.


Climb the stairs to the exhibition room in the attic to see delicate collars, mantles and shawls displayed in glass cases at low light levels.



It’s not even necessary to imagine how these garments were worn as there are also paintings showing the wealthy citizens of Bruges dressed in all their finery.



The finest Belgian lace is still made by hand. Look carefully in the doorways as you walk through the streets of Bruges and you might just see the next beautiful piece being created.


18 thoughts on “Belgium Is Famous For…#1 Lace

  1. What a fine art this is, to be able to create such exquisite lace. It’s nice to know that there are still people who do this by hand. I wonder if young people in Belgium are also encouraged to carry on the tradition.


  2. How beautiful. It is amazing to me how clean and beautiful the streets are, too. I wonder if lace will every come back in popularity to what it once was? It was certainly popular at a time when life seemed messier on the whole. It must have been a bear to function in those garments, even for just a photo (haha) sitting! Can you imagine even posing for hours on end wearing those folds and folds of lace? And what if a hot flash hit? Yikes! My mind is spinning right now. Better go cool off! 🙂


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