Over The Top

If deliciously indulgent, hot and sugary desserts are your passion then Belgian waffles are for you. There are waffle stalls everywhere in Belgium and after a hard day of sightseeing it’s impossible to ignore the sweet fragrance of dough baking in heated waffle irons as it wafts through the streets surrounding the market square.


There are two types of Belgian waffles. Brussels waffles are golden-brown on the outside and light and crispy inside. They are usually served with nothing more than a light dusting of icing sugar.

Liege waffles are thicker and sweeter, with melted chunks of caramelised sugar inside. They are perfect eaten straight out of the waffle iron; no extra flavours are necessary. If you must add more, pile on some whipped cream, ice cream and strawberries to create a heavenly combination.


But if you’re craving the ultimate sweet treat, the choice of toppings seems endless. How about chocolate sauce, nuts, bananas, kiwi fruit and/or lollies? The combinations are limited only by your imagination and appetite.



Spend enough time in Belgium and you can try them all!


25 thoughts on “Over The Top

  1. Hi Carol – I’ve just skimmed through half a dozen posts – are you currently in Belgium, or Germany – travelling somewhere through Europe? Being a tad prone to glitz and sparkly, pretty things, I particularly loved the lace of Brussels…….. But, not being a sweet eater, the other posts, which look particularly yummy, are unfortunately not part of my dining repertoire any more……

    Now the spider – man that would give me the complete terrors…. even just as a photo. One that size would have me itching all over – its enough to give anyone arachnophobia!! 🙂 I don’t mind spiders at all generally, just don’t crawl on me unexpectedly if you want to live 🙂

    Your posts look fun and interesting and informative – I am so glad you came by my blog, I’m following! 🙂

  2. And Manny experience that!!! Where did I go wrong? Why can’t I fit in a suitcase? Oh yeah, I eat that kind of stuff. The carmel – infested waffle with the strawberries and whipped cream – really Carol, before I eat breakfast? That is just mean! 🙂 Yummy mean! 🙂

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