A Loo With A View, Part Two!

After walking almost five kilometres through the Kosciuszko National Park it is quite a relief to come to a halt at Rawson Pass. It’s the perfect spot to stop for a rest, a picnic lunch and a visit to the restrooms. At an elevation of 2,100 metres, the amenities block at Rawson Pass is the highest toilet block in Australia.


Constructed of local mountain stone and built into the surrounding slope, the toilet block blends in perfectly with the surrounding area and doesn’t stand out at all.


What is outstanding is the amazing view from this lofty loo. Mt Kosciuszko is the highest mountain in Australia and even in mid-summer there are patches of snow on its slopes, along with delicate alpine wildflowers and spiky tufts of button grass.


From Rawson Pass the Australian Alps can be seen in all directions.


It’s hard to go past a bathroom with such a beautiful outlook, especially when it’s the only one on the track between Thredbo and the final ascent to the top of Australia.

For more loos with fantastic views click here!

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