Lunch By The C

When we decided to visit Noosa last week, I knew straight away where we would be having lunch. I’ve been to Bistro C before; for lunch, for dinner and for afternoon drinks and I couldn’t wait to go again.

Look to the right...

Look to the right…

Look to the left...

look to the left…

and then enter here!

and then enter here!

As the waitress showed us to our table she looked out the window and said: “Working here is magic. I never tire of looking at the view.” We knew what she meant. From our seats we could see out across Laguna Bay towards the Noosa National Park. On this Autumnal day the sun sparkled on the water and bathers relaxed on the pure white sand. We felt like we had the best seats in the house.

2014-04-10 12.24.44

The view from our table

That feeling didn’t stop with the glorious view. The service to our table was fast and attentive and our waitress explained the menu and the daily specials in great detail. We were lucky to arrive at the perfect time and were able to choose from either the breakfast or lunch menus. Our beautifully presented meals arrived in just a few minutes.

From the breakfast menu I ordered corn and chive griddle cake, served with crispy bacon, spinach, avocado salsa and balsamic syrup, while my husband had roast turkey breast and avocado salad bagel with maple roasted bacon crumbs, basil mayo and sticky pear and blackberry chutney from the lunch menu. The food was fresh and each mouthful was delicious, and both meals were just the right size.

Corn and chive griddle cake - simply delicious.

Corn and chive griddle cake – as beautiful to look at as to eat.

Every time our water glasses were nearing empty our attentive waitress was there to top them up. We asked her about walking in the Noosa National Park and she recommended her favourite walk with the best views of the coastline. Our conversation with her was a real highlight of the day and her enthusiasm was catching.

If you’re planning to visit Noosa make sure you spend some time at Bistro C. We had no problem being seated for lunch but for an evening meal you’ll need to make a reservation a few days in advance. We’re not the only ones who love dining at Bistro C!

Bistro C Restaurant & Bar
‘On The Beach’ – 49 Hastings Street
Noosa Heads

Phone: 07 5447 2855



22 thoughts on “Lunch By The C

  1. Noosa is an absolutely beautiful part of the world. My sister-in-law lives there so I’ll recommend Bistro C to her (if she doesn’t already now about it) – and I know where I’ll be eating next time I visit 😉


  2. A fun lovely post! Noosa sounds like an ideal holiday! What a beautiful coast line,…waw,…That view from your table at that bistro,…waw even! The dish looked extremely delicious too! 🙂


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