Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Spring

St John The Evangelist Catholic Church, in Richmond Tasmania, is the oldest existing Church in Australia. Its original cemetery is no longer in use and the headstones have long ago fallen into disrepair.

tasmania 066

But where there is death, there is also life.

The first blossoms of Spring grow amongst the neglected graves as if in remembrance of those long gone.

tasmania 062

tasmania 063


Justin Beaver says See You In The Spring!

Weekly Photo Challenge

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Spring

  1. Love the unique perspective on spring you having going here. And I love old cemeteries. There’s so much a person can learn about the past, not to mention the mysteries. There’s an old cemetery here with graves of five very young siblings who all passed one year apart. I’ve always wondered about that. Have a glorious day. 🙂


  2. Great pics. They remind me of St. Johns in Canberra where the old part of the cemetery has fallen into disrepair and the tree roots are pushing the grave stones up out of the ground. Yikes! 😉


  3. Though some might find them macabre, I find cemeteries to be incredibly fascinating and photogenic. Your last image, in particular, is quite interesting with the leaning stone and the beautiful blooms emerging, Carol. 🙂


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