Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Work of Art

As a quilt maker I am always drawn to works of art crafted with textiles and threads. Many community groups create beautiful pieces which tell the stories of their towns and cities, both past and present.

Buckler’s Hard, in the New Forest in Hampshire, England, was a major centre for ship building in the 18th century. At St Mary’s Chapel the altar cloth, designed and stitched by Belinda, Lady Montagu, features the Tree of Life, representing the timber used in ship building. Around the border are the names of the ships constructed on the Beaulieu River, including three which took part in the Battle of Trafalgar – Agamemnon, Swiftshure and Euryalus.

alter cloth

This delicate yet detailed piece hangs at Fishbourne Roman Palace, in West Sussex, England. It is a map of the village of Fishbourne and was created to celebrate the millennium.

Fishbourne wall hanging 2000

Bruges is famous for its lace makers and one of the most intricate pieces of lace is this map of the city, created in 2008. It shows the museums, churches and streets of the old town and stands on the bank of one of Bruges’ canals.


I’m inspired to get out my needle and thread each time I see works of art like these.


I’ve written about some more beautiful textile creations in these posts.

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21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Work of Art

  1. I am always head over heels about beautiful needlework and have zero ability in the art myself. I tried counted embroidery once and made a complete dogs breakfast of it 🙂 They are all lovely – but the Bruges piece is stunning isn’t it!


  2. These are lovely photos and I love the pieces of needlework you show. We are going to Bruges this summer for a family vacation, so it is especially nice to read this history here.! Thank you so much.



    • How exciting for you. I hope you love Bruges as much as we did. How long will you be there? We were there for a week. If you look back in my archives, from October up to March, I wrote several posts about what we did in and around Bruges. You might find something you would like to do too. Happy reading!


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