Weekly Photo Challenge – Twist

Strolling through the parklands at Southbank is pure pleasure when the bougainvillea is flowering on the Grand Arbour.


The parklands were developed on the World Expo 88 site on the bank of the Brisbane River and have become the focal point in Brisbane for many public and private celebrations. Winding its way through the parklands is the Grand Arbour, a kilometre long structure consisting of 443 steel posts that twist and turn, supporting the bougainvillea that flourishes in Brisbane’s subtropical climate.



If you love pink, you’ll love a stroll through the Grand Arbour.


41 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Twist

  1. Great interpretation of this week’s theme. I used to see bougainvillaeas all the time when I was living in Malaysia and Singapore but haven’t seen too much of them here in Australia. Doesn’t seem too many people in Melbourne know what flower this is and what colour it is. Great shots, very purple!

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  3. You’re making me homesick! I love Southbank, there’s always something happening there and it is so awesome seeing people out an about at all hours enjoying it!

      • I remember searching for the food outlets. As I remember they’re tucked away around the back, which really impressed us. We thought of how all those parents on budgets who pack up a barbecue or picnic for their families must really appreciate not having the fast food outlets right out there tempting their kids.

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