Look Up!

Belgium might be most famous for its lace, chocolate and beer, but did you know that it is also known as the home of the comic strip? With worldwide sales of comic books in the millions and more than 700 comic artists, Belgium is the biggest producer of comic books in the world. From Tintin to The Smurfs, comic strips are everywhere in Brussels.

Follow the Comic Strip Walk from De Brouckère metro station to the Grand Sablon to see the most loved comic strip characters come to life. There are 52 vibrant murals painted on the ends of buildings across the city.








Just remember to look up while you’re walking!


39 thoughts on “Look Up!

  1. It’s a little appreciated fact that, once we reach the age of about 25, we tend to stop looking up above eye level. Indeed, police and armed service training used to pay special attention to making sure they knew to keep looking above their eyeline when on patrol, as the natural inclination is to look around and down at your feet.
    Great pictures. I love Belgium, wonderful, much underrated country.


    • That’s an interesting fact. I must remember to look up more often.

      We spent two weeks in Belgium and I would highly recommend it as a holiday destination. It’s easy to travel around – we did it all on the trains, and compared to home, everything is cheap. There is so much to see and lots of history to enjoy. I would go back in an instant.


  2. I love street art and these cartoons are outstanding.I had no idea about the history of cartoons and the Belgium connection. I can imagine that being on scaffolding and painting the ones up so high on the sides of the buildings must have been quite a challenge. I’m not keen on heights myself. Thanks so much for sharing these superb photos with us readers.


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