Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Split-Second Story

Friday, 20 September, 2013

We were out taking photos of Brussels by night when a police car went by with its lights flashing – nothing unusual about that we thought. But then came another, closely followed by several police on motorbikes. It was then that we noticed the intersection was closed and the streets were blocked off. We thought perhaps someone famous was heading our way; maybe a member of the Royal family or a Government official. Of course, along with a few other curious pedestrians, we stopped to watch.



Suddenly, around a corner came a cavalcade of riders on bikes and roller blades. The sound was overwhelming – horns, whistles and people calling as they went past in a flash. It seemed like all of Brussels was on the move.


And then, in an instant, they were gone and the street was quiet again.

And what was this mass movement on wheels?

It was the Roller-Bike Parade, which takes place in Brussels every Friday evening from June to September – riders and rollers, celebrating pedal power in safety on the streets of the city.

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