All Hail The Sausage King!

There’s nothing like a tasty barbecued sausage, full of flavour and goodness. And if the sausage was made by the Sausage King of Western Australia it’s also an award winner.


At the Beef on the Reef Butcher at Dunsborough Centrepoint Shopping Centre you can try and buy Western Australia’s 2014 Champion Sausage. Flavoured with onion, garlic, turmeric, ginger, chilli and spinach, the Balinese chicken sausage was first awarded State Champion Sausage at the Royal Perth Show in 2013. It went on to win second place in the National Sausage King Competition in February this year.

Asked if the sausages are spicy, Gede Rai, the creator of this gourmet delicacy, smiles and says: “If they weren’t spicy, they wouldn’t be Balinese.”


There’s a new flavour being developed for this year’s competition – Satay chicken sausage. If Gede and his delicious sausages win at the Royal Perth Show at this weekend, they will travel to Adelaide in February next year to compete again at the National Competition.


Good luck Gede! All hail the Sausage King!

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