Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Dreamy

The Swan River meanders through the city of Perth on its way to the Indian Ocean.


The river is wide, deep and as blue as the sky, and along the banks there are cafés, boathouses and shops.




This shag was sunning himself on the end of the pier on a brilliant winter’s morning. Was he dreaming of his breakfast, like the birds on the billboard?


Weekly Photo Challenge


17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Dreamy

      • Vince loves it when my blogger friends like his pictures. Same with FB. He used to hate FB, but now he really enjoys the exchange of photos and information with people. He shares a lot more of himself than he used to. 🙂

  1. Wonderful bird.

    Here’s something I learned – the reason that cormorants and shags hold their wings open like that is to dry them because they don’t have oil in their wings like ducks do and if they let them get waterlogged, they can’t rise out of the water after a dive.

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