Udder Delight

In the south west corner of Western Australia there are ninety towns and villages whose names end with the syllable “up” which, in the local Nyoongar dialect, means “place of”. There’s Boyanup – place of quartz, Dwellingup – place of nearby water and Kojonup – place of the stone axe.

At first glance the little town of Cowaramup seems like all the others, named after the native purple lorikeets living in the area. It’s only when you notice the herd of fibreglass Jersey cows in the main street that you realise something is different here.




When the town was first settled, some residents decided the pronunciation was too difficult and Cowaramup soon became Cowtown. In honour of the town’s nickname the herd was created and installed in 2012, and now there are cows everywhere – grazing in the park, wandering along the main street and adorning every shop sign.

There’s even a sculpture – “Free as a Cow” – in the park; it’s a quirky reference to an iconic local sculpture at a nearby winery.


If you really want to get into the ‘mood’ be there on the middle weekend of the July school holidays for the Deja-Moo Fair. As they say in Cowaramup, you’ll have an udderly good time.


34 thoughts on “Udder Delight

    • They are pretty amazing to see along the streets. We would have loved to be there for the fair, but unfortunately we were a week too early and it was a four hour drive back from where we were by then. I loved the community feeling in this little town.

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  1. This place looks like a fun and different place to visit! thanks for sharing it! Im starting my trip which includes Australia in 7 weeks.
    I am new to wordpress so I would appreciate it if you could help attract some followers to my blog 🙂


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