Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Achievement

On 26 September, 1983 the crew of the yacht Australia II won the elusive America’s Cup, a trophy held by the New York Yacht Club for 132 years. It was a day of celebration and jubilation at the Royal Perth Yacht Club and across the country.

Australia II, with her infamous winged keel, is now on display at the Western Australian Maritime Museum.



This photograph displayed at the museum shows Australia II in action in the waters off Newport.


Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Achievement

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Achievement

  1. I actually (would you believe it!) remember this event. Despite not being interested in yachting, and living as far away from the sea as it’s possible to get in the UK, it captured my imagination. However, I seem to recall that there was a bit of “bad blood” between the teams, with the Americans claiming that Australia II had an illegal design? Or was it a case of bad losership?


    • You have a good memory Denzil. There were claims that the winged keel, which was a revolutionary design at the time, was illegal. The claims were unsuccessful and it remained on the yacht and we won! And that is all that matters…


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