Road Train Ahead!

Road trips – those of us who live in Australia have all done at least one long journey over vast distances, sometimes with very little to see along the way, punctuated by the occasional small town in the middle of nowhere.


The monotony of driving on long straight roads for hundreds of kilometres is broken up when a road train is spotted up ahead. How many trailers the truck is pulling and how fast it is going will determine whether it can safely be overtaken.

DSCN0520 DSCN0524

When the coast is clear off we go.


At first it seems as though we will never go fast enough to get past but gradually the road train is reeled in.


Then, suddenly it’s behind us and the road ahead is clear again.


Until we meet the next one!

18 thoughts on “Road Train Ahead!

  1. That’s something we just don’t get over here. I can imagine it being a bit scary; halfway and you see something approaching in the opposite direction … fast!?


  2. And often, the truck driver will signal when it’s considered safe to overtake. I’m never sure whether to trust them, maybe it’s been a long boring haul (again), and the driver wants something to break the monotony! (Just kidding.)

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  3. This is so interesting. Vince says he thinks it is legal to have these in Utah. I did find one picture of one. Your post makes me feel like I’m actually with you on the road, and it feels weird being on the wrong side of the road! 🙂 Love this post! 🙂

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