Deception at the Trick Art Museum

A day trip to Mt Takao would not be complete without visiting the Takao Trick Art Museum, across the road from Takaosanguchi Station in Hachioji-shi. After enjoying the splendid views of Tokyo and Mt Fuji from the summit of Mt Takao, exploring the mysteries of trick art was a fun way to end our day.


The deception began even before we entered the museum, with a ticket office so realistic we nearly bought our tickets there. This was just the first of many experiences this afternoon where our eyes would play havoc with our minds.


We were met at the real entry by a friendly girl who instructed us on using our 3D glasses to get the best out of our visit. Then, with a gracious bow, she sent us off into a realm of trickery and optical illusions. We put on our 3D glasses, turned the first corner and found ourselves transported to the streets of old Cairo.


Peepholes offered tantalising glimpses of a mysterious world beyond the wall, until we passed through a hidden door and were transported back over 3000 years to the world of ancient Egypt and the time of Tutankhamen.

Danger lurked around every corner, as we balanced precariously over snapping crocodiles, watched as stampeding elephants passed by and hoped the hungry lions would stay behind bars.

In the Ames room and the Mirror room, where all was not what it seemed, our thoughts began to unravel like the wrappings on this Mummy.


Our entry included a free drink from the vending machine out on the balcony. While some of the choices seemed a little strange, at least the vending machine was not an illusion.



We relaxed in the autumn sunshine, sipped our banana milkshakes and realigned our minds, while this artist continued his work.


Wait! Was this deception or reality? It was hard to tell…

Find out how Justin Beaver nearly met his end at the Trick Art Museum!


24 thoughts on “Deception at the Trick Art Museum

  1. OMG – this looks like the coolest place EVER to see 🙂 Another one to add to our list. We didn’t know about it during our visit… Thanks so much for sharing. Your photos make us want to go NOW!

  2. Awesome sauce! Looks like one heck of a cool place to visit. 🙂 Your photos gave me a cheeky trip from the comfort of my home, adding to the travel bucket list. Really do need to get back to Japan land. 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t have thought otherwise unless you’d asked the question. The ticket booth was too much! I would have probably run into the wall trying to follow the girl going through the door! 🙂

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