Footprints in the Sand ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Intricate

These tiny crabs, camouflaged on the white sand of Home Beach, leave nothing behind but their footprints. Who would have thought a such a delicate creature could leave this intricate pattern behind?

crab by cjs

crab in the sand by cjs

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Intricate


18 thoughts on “Footprints in the Sand ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Intricate

  1. Argh! Crabs always remind me of spiders and I have just found an enormous brute in my bath tub!! Ok at least ours aren’t poisonous, but I cannot stand crabs or spiders – it’s the way they move I think.

  2. Unlike Jude, I love crabs. We used to holiday at the coast when I was a kid and my brother and I would always roam through the rockpools and collect crabs. We’d keep them in a bucket with sand and rocks and seaweed for the week and then let them go when we went home.

    • I love watching how they scuttle across the sand and then stop perfectly still in the hope that you can’t see them. I can see this post has brought back fond memories for you and not so fond memories for Jude.

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