Weekly Photo Challenge ~ From Every Angle

Tall coconut palms line the edge of Four Mile Beach at Port Douglas in far north Queensland. The beach begins at the base of Island Point and heads south for four miles to the mouth of the Mowbray River. Although resorts and residential blocks line the beach front, there are no high rises and the view to the rainforest clad mountains is unspoiled. In mid-winter, the beach is popular with both walkers and windsurfers, and a few hardy souls even brave the cool water for a swim.




Weekly Photo Challenge ~ From Every Angle

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ From Every Angle

  1. One of my favourite places in Oz. We stayed in the YH there near that beach and often walked along it in to the town. I will never forget Port Douglas (well, I hope I won’t) 😀

    Did you take the first photo from the top of the hill where there is a toposcope?


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