Butterfly Love

Unless you suffer from Lepidopterophobia, a visit to the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is a must on a holiday in far north Queensland. The sanctuary in Kuranda, half an hour from Cairns, is the largest in Australia and houses up to 2000 tropical butterflies in a glass aviary filled with lush rainforest plants growing around a waterfall and trickling stream.



The butterflies are all local species and include the bright blue Ulysses and the green and yellow Cairns Birdwing, the largest butterfly in Australia. Inside the aviary these delicate insects flutter from plant to plant, stopping only to feed at the nectar stations, to lay eggs or to rest.



They are attracted to bright colours and those wearing red, pink or white will soon find themselves wearing butterflies like living jewels.


Guides are available to take visitors on walks through the aviary. They describe the butterfly’s life cycle and explain how the nectar stations work. The tour also includes a visit to the breeding laboratory, where eggs are stored after being collected from the aviary. Children and adults alike are fascinated by the caterpillars which are hand reared until they become chrysalises. When the new butterflies emerge they are released back into the aviary where the life cycle begins again.


The life span of a butterfly is partly dictated by its appearance. Those with dull colours will live longer while the spectacularly coloured varieties have shorter life expectancies. This is because the bright colours are more attractive to predators and the butterflies need to be moving constantly to avoid becoming another animal’s lunch. They simply wear out faster.

Unlike the butterflies, time isn’t a factor for visitors and you can stay as long as you like in the aviary. The butterflies will always make you feel welcome.


*Lepidopterophobia: Fear of butterflies and moths

22 thoughts on “Butterfly Love

  1. I never knew Lepidopterophobia meant that! I love butterflies, and so does my boy… except when they flap right in our faces! The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary looks like such a wonderful place to visit, I can imagine it’s very peaceful

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  2. This sanctuary is awesome. We’ve had a lot of butterflies here lately but it’s very difficult to capture them on camera. I might start walking around with red, pink or white on and see if they’ll stop on me for a while 😉

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  3. What lovely creatures, aren’t they? I never realised that about the brighter ones wearing out first, but it makes sense when you think about it. 😦 We have a butterfly house not too far from us and I keep forgetting to go. It closes soon, for the season, I think.

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