The Thong Shack

Round Australia Road Trip #14

There’s a shrine on an isolated beach not far from the little coastal town of Denham. It doesn’t honour a deity and worshippers do not come on pilgrimage here. Nevertheless, it’s a shrine –  dedicated to the famous Australian fashion icon, the thong!

Are you thinking of that tiny, barely there undergarment? No it’s not that. Australians have another name for that.

We wear thongs on our feet. They’re durable, comfortable and casual; the perfect holiday footwear.


The Thong Shack is decorated with all types of thongs: large, small, pretty or plain. Many have been inscribed by their owners and pay homage to their wanderlust.



Where have you worn your thongs?


24 thoughts on “The Thong Shack

    • There are a few different names for them. An English friend of mine, before she emigrated to Australia, was told that Australians mostly wear shorts, t shirts and thongs…she was most concerned until she got here and found out what thongs are here! A bra fence sounds intriguing. You should do a post about it. (of course, we do wear other clothing as well)


  1. When I was younger and lived at the beach we played Thong Flickathon. We would walk to the beach flicking our thongs off our feet to see who could flick the furthest. I lost a few thongs during those years 😉

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