Standing Stones

Round Australia Road Trip #16

In the Nambung National Park are thousands of standing stones – sculpted limestone pillars up to 5 metres tall. Unlike other standing stones, they weren’t strategically placed by ancient civilizations. Instead, they were created by nature.

The dunes along this part of the Western Australian coast are composed of white lime sand. But behind the coastal dunes in the Pinnacles Desert, the vegetation has been blasted away by desert winds, exposing older dunes of golden quartz sand.



Over the last 500 000 years the limestone pinnacles have been eroded, first while still underground by acidic ground water and in the last 6000 years when the shifting sands exposed them to the elements.


The Pinnacles Desert comes alive in spring when wildflowers bloom amid the stones after winter rains.

Early mornings and late afternoons are the best times to see the wildlife


and capture the dramatic colours of the Pinnacles.



34 thoughts on “Standing Stones

  1. Australia seems the most fascinating place! When I was in my teens a good friend was emigrating and I was sorely tempted. But I was newly in London and in love. Life…. 🙂

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