Winter Blooms on Maui

Holiday in Hawaii#1

It might be winter in Hawaii between November and April, but the beautiful flowers blooming in Maui’s gardens seem not to notice. With an average daytime temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and good winter rainfalls, the brilliantly coloured tropical plants flourish.

Some hibiscus flowers are almost as large as dinner plates,

but bougainvillea hide their tiny white blossoms amidst the new growth of colourful leaf bracts.

Garden beds overflow with delicate exotic flowers,

and you’ll need to look up to see the blooms on the frangipanis and African tulip trees.

Some tropical plants bear delicious fruit in the winter months.

While other parts of the northern hemisphere shiver through more typical wintery conditions, on Maui the plants think it’s always summer!

Visit the earth laughs in flowers to see more winter gardens in Jude’s Garden Photography Challenge


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