Mystery on Maui

Holiday in Hawaii #6

Garden Photography Challenge February: Monochrome

The gardens of Maui are lush. Every possible shade of green complements the brightly coloured tropical flowers. It’s joyful to behold.


In her February Garden Challenge, Jude asks for monochrome images, so they accentuate shape rather than colour. Tall coconut palms are spiky and angular.


The canopy and roots of the banyan tree spread to fill vast spaces.


This single thorny stem reaches out over the cliff top on Maui’s southern coast.


Can anyone identify this mystery plant?

Garden Photography Challenge

38 thoughts on “Mystery on Maui

  1. Glad to see you’re not letting the side down, Carol (as well as posting some lovely holiday memories 🙂 ). That last plant features in a couple of my Algarve posts because I love it, but I couldn’t name it for you. Great shot though, and converts well to mono.

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  2. I’m guessing your plant is the flowering stalk of what they call a “century plant” and is some sort of agave (a cactus like plant with pointy leaves sort of like an aloe, only harder, stiffer. They make tequila out of some species in Mexico…if that’s the plant!???

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