Mānoa Falls

Holiday in Hawaii #16

If you love seeing waterfalls at the end of easy walking tracks, Mānoa Falls is the place for you.


Located in the Mānoa Valley, the 2.6 kilometre trail is well maintained with a small incline, until the last hundred metres where it becomes rocky and steeper.




The trail winds through thick vegetation – lush rainforest, tall stands of bamboo and beautiful tropical flowers thrive in the damp conditions. This part of Oahu receives plenty of rain, and the insects love it as much as the plants. Remember to bring your insect repellent!



The last short climb over a tumble of boulders to reach Mānoa Falls is worth the extra effort. The water of Waihi Stream drops 46 metres from the top of the sheer cliff to the small pool at its base, before rushing away downhill to the coast.


If you’re thinking the Mānoa Valley looks familiar, you’re not mistaken. Parts of the movie “Jurassic Park” and the TV series “Lost” were filmed here.


Luckily it’s almost impossible to get lost on this relaxing walking trail. Just make sure you stay on the path!


See more close up garden photos with Jude and some other lovely walks with Jo.

42 thoughts on “Mānoa Falls

  1. I love a waterfall trek. We used to walk to Erskine’s Falls every May school holidays when we stayed in Lorne. One of my favourite childhood memories. This walk (even virtually) brought back those memories so vividly, I think because of the rainforest nature of the images. Loved the photos of the local flora. Glad you didn’t encounter any inconvenient dinosaurs or mysterious mists. 🙂

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  2. The plants are amazing, aren’t they? I’ll just slap on some insect repellent and off I go 🙂 Always love falls of the watery kind. I have 2 Hawaiian walks to share today. How come everybody’s been there but me? 🙂 🙂 Many thanks for the link, Carol.

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  4. Ah, Hawaii. Almost went there from San Diego, but it was still very expensive. I like your walk through the rainforest and nice that it is relatively easy as walks to waterfalls often aren’t and the flowers are gorgeous, especially that yellow-gold one which looks like a rhododendron all curled up, but not when open. And the last one – some kind of Iridaceae? Neomarica perhaps. Lovely.

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    • It wasn’t cheap from Australia either and the inter-island flight was so expensive. $450 for 38 minute return trips for the two of us. Hawaiian Airlines has a monopoly on flights between the islands.
      The orange flowers are African Tulip Tree blossoms. I wondered if the last one was a type of orchid. The leaves looked very orchid-like. They were growing in big swathes beside the paths.

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  5. Interesting fact about Jurassic Park and Lost. That in itself would make me come let alone the glorious scenery and flora. Good advice about sticking to the paths… bet it can be quite distracting to just wander off!

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  6. Wow, your pictures are stunning. Great article, too! I loved the show “Lost.” Vince and I rented the first three or four years and watched two or three episodes a night at least once or twice a week – as often as they came. Then we had to wait like everyone else week to week for the next episode. It finally got too weird, but what a great show in a location paradise! Loved this post! 🙂

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    • Well, I guess “easy” is a relative word. It’s easier than many of the walks we’ve done and there are other waterfalls on Oahu which are quite difficult to get to. It wasn’t steep but it was slippery in places because of rain earlier. We enjoyed it.


      • Hmmm, good point about easy being a relative word. I think as long as it didn’t involve steep climbs and too much clambering over steep rocks, and walking on rocky paths, then it might be ok. I think I must still be affected by my lack of enjoyment of climbing Snowdon and one of the Yorkshire peaks. However, I might be able to put up with anything if I was walking in beautiful Hawaii!

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