Mysteries Overhead

Goin’ Cruising #3

We spent much of our week on board Pacific Dawn looking down; at the delicious food we were served for each meal, at the rushing water as we sailed northwards, at the activities program when we planned each day’s fun.

But there was plenty to see overhead too.

We marvelled as the ship sailed under the double spans of the Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges on the Brisbane River.


We were excited to finally be on board, after a year of planning and anticipation.


We were intrigued by the structures on board and wondered what purpose they all served.




Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Look Up

23 thoughts on “Mysteries Overhead

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  3. They all look very technical (and probably quite important)! I remember going out to the reef on the big cat with my brother and he spent most of the time talking to the captain about all the technical equipment on the boat πŸ˜€

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