Riding The Waves

Goin’ Cruising #6

Day Four – Cairns

After three days of perfect weather and calm waters, it was surprising to hear the captain of Pacific Dawn announce a delay in launching the ship’s tenders for our visit to Cairns. The windy conditions had whipped up a large swell and safety was always going to be the first priority. Finally, after lowering a tender and testing the waters, the first group of passengers left the ship.


We waited for our turn to go ashore and watched as the little orange tenders bounced over the waves. We were expecting a wild ride but, instead of a tender, we boarded a large catamaran which sailed effortlessly across the water to the mainland. We landed at Yorkeys Knob, a beach suburb 20 minutes north of Cairns and this time we did take the bus into town.



Our bus stopped at the beginning of Cairns Esplanade, a 2.5 km walking track along the foreshore lined with cafés and shops, memorials and works of art complemented by beautiful views of the marina, the forest covered mountains and the calm waters of Trinity Inlet.



We wandered along the walkway past a memorial commemorating the start of the torch relay for the 1956 Olympic Games.


We learned about the Yirrganydji People, the traditional owners of this land who lived along the coast and fished in the tropical waters.


We dipped our toes in the warm salty water of the Lagoon. It’s the perfect swimming spot all year round, safe from the marine stingers and salt water crocodiles which inhabit the ocean here. Large metal fish, representative of the small fish woven from palm leaves by Torres Strait Islanders, fly effortlessly above the swimmers.



Our return journey to Pacific Dawn was on a tender. It was a rocking, rolling ride over the choppy water – so much fun and better than a roller coaster. I felt like one of those flying fish, skimming over the waves to our ship.


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41 thoughts on “Riding The Waves

  1. Cairns is quite the tropical metropolis isn’t it ET – quite wonderful! Love the fish and the idea of a safe and secure swimming place away from stingers and eaters 🙂 I would have enjoyed the bouncy ride back to the ship too 🙂

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  2. You were so close to my former home (in Atherton). Cairns has such a lovely setting with the lush hills and ocean. But, it’s not pleasant in the summer heat and humidity, secondo mi. (In my opinion!)

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  4. How lovely and I hope you enjoyed. I remember really liking Cairns when I stayed there. I hadn’t planned on staying long at all, but ended up staying close to a week. So much to do and such a relaxed place.

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  5. I have a soft spot for Cairns, I liked how it was so laid back, and old-fashioned, though now I see in your photos that there are new high-rise blocks. The boardwalk looks great, I do like a boardwalk and the fish are fab – but oh, no, not the tender rocking and rolling. Now I feel a little green…

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