Going Up?

Close to home #9 Q1 Tower, Gold Coast

It’s always lovely to go on a long holiday to a far flung destination. There are times, however, when it’s not convenient or cost effective and a staycation closer to home is the way to go. The destinations in this series of posts are all within a couple of hours’ drive of our home. They’re easy to get to, there’s plenty to see and do and at the end of the holiday we’re home again in no time.

The Gold Coast consists of more than 70 kilometres of beautiful sandy beaches on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. From laid back Coolangatta in the south to the luxury of Sanctuary Cove in the north, there are plenty of places where you can sit and enjoy beautiful views of this iconic Australian surf-side city.


To see the wonders of the Gold Coast from a different perspective, you can also go up – to the SkyPoint Observation Deck at the top of Q1.



From the top of the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest building there is a 360° view of the Gold Coast and the mountain ranges of the hinterland.









On levels 76 and 77 of Q1, SkyPoint is 230 metres above the broad stretch of beach at Surfers Paradise and at that elevation, you can see up to a distance of 60 km. Even Mt Warning in northern New South Wales, the first part of mainland Australia to see the sun each morning, is visible on the horizon.



Whether you’re relaxing on the fine white sand or enjoying a coffee high above the beach at Skypoint, the views of the Gold Coast are always superb!


42 thoughts on “Going Up?

  1. The views from the top are fabulous! I was looking at the photos thinking, this is high up, but how wonderful to be able to see so far… and then I got to the last beach photo. For some reason, seeing the ‘ants’ on the beach really brought it home to me just how high up I was!

  2. I will not make it to your lovely country and that is not for desire or want but because of travel time required inside the plane. I so very much enjoy every one of your posts that outline and depict the beauty of your land. These beaches are just to drool over and the opportunity to take those panoramic shots is amazing as well. You are one lucky woman, and I appreciate your sharing your homeland. 🙂

  3. Pretty stunning. At first I thought it was Chicago, where we have just lived for 1.5 years. Chicago has a Gold Coast too. It even looks very similar to the skyline of Chicago!


    • I took that photo especially for Badfish, because he and I have a thing about what he calls flip flops and we call thongs!! So I’m collecting a few photos of me wearing my thongs in different places. Tee hee!

  4. WOW !! Boy !! The view from “the SkyPoint Observation Deck” is total 360 Wonder. I love it when people share their Vacation with us with pictures. It makes me feel as if I am sitting there watching it myself.
    Australia, Australia You are Such a Beauty,
    You are a pearl, surrounded by the Sea,
    I wish to come and visit Thee.

    Love Cattie

  5. This looks like another lovely post I missed the first time around. This is gorgeous. The beaches look pristine, and the buildings are sky high beauties! You may not get me to come home. JK, Vince and Glen! 🙂

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