Someone I Know

Exploring England #11

As I’ve mentioned before, my husband is passionate about beer. He brews his own at home and enjoys sampling local beers when we travel. It’s easy to imagine how excited he was when he discovered there are 1,424 breweries in England. In a country of 130,395 km² that’s one brewery for every 91 km². He was a happy traveller!

He enjoyed visiting quaint local pubs, tasting new beers and posting his photos and reviews on Facebook.



Often, he chose a beer purely for its name.

We wondered if the brewers had a particular person in mind when they came up with these humorous labels.

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Names

In case you’re wondering, here are my husband’s thoughts on these three beers.

Coniston Brewing Co. Old Man Ale – 4.8% Ruby red ale with a mild hop taste. Smooth drinking. Just the drink for the old men out there prior to their afternoon nap

York Brewery Guzzler – very nice, tasty and light. A refreshing easy-to-drink brew

Skinner’s Ginger Tosser – Just couldn’t go past the label. It reminds me of someone I know. You can taste the ginger mid-palate and honey on the back of the tongue. Ginger aftertaste. 3.8% lowest brew yet.

53 thoughts on “Someone I Know

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  2. I am guessing your husband knows about CAMRA, the Campaign For Real Ale, but just in case, it’s streamline is “Campaigning for real ale, pubs & drinkers’ rights since 1971”. I don’t drink, so I can’t say much about it beyond that it was a revolt against the artificial production methods of the few breweries that existed then.

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  3. I like trying different beers too, we both do, and always make a point of seeking out the local ones wherever we go. Of these, I only know Coniston Brewery though I’m not sure I’ve tried Old Man. That would be much more suitable for John anyway!

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  4. I knew you and I would get along, but now I know I’d love your hubby as well. 🙂 We went to two SC breweries this week – Liberty Brewery & Grill, Myrtle Beach, and Quigley’s Pie and Plate, Pawley’s Island. At Quigley’s I had the absolute best peach ale ever. It was so good we went back another day. 🙂 Of course, the pecan pie with the home made cinnamon whipped cream might have drawn us as well. 🙂

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  5. My sons are into their ‘Real Ale’ must say I prefer wine. Or gin. Although I do like a decent lager occasionally when it is hot, or alcoholic ginger beer is nice. The ginger tosser made me laugh! Sort of thing you probably find in Australia… 😀

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  6. One of my favorite parts of the craft brew scene is the diverse branding that has become a major part of it. The names and bottles can make all the difference when someone is trying a beer for the first time. Check out some of the beers in New York on my page.

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  7. There is a small brewery near us and they have the most wonderful names for their beers – Side Pocket for a Toad is my favourite name and I often wonder how they came up with it. Like Australia, takes many trips to see everything.

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