Caring for the Past into the Future

Exploring England #23

Imagine you are newly wed and your parents’ wedding gift is a home. It’s not just any home but a magnificent timber framed building with its origins in the 14th century and 15th and 16th century additions. It’s a little worse for wear due to the excesses of previous owners, who’ve spent the family fortune on themselves with little regard for the house’s upkeep. What would you do – remove, renovate or restore?

Luckily for us, when Charles and Mary Nevill found themselves in this situation in 1883, they chose to restore their new home, Bramall Hall, to its former glory.

Bramall Hall is a Tudor manor house set in 60 acres of parkland in the Borough of Stockport in Greater Manchester. It had been the home of the Davenports for 500 years, but with family fortunes dwindling and costs increasing, the house was not well maintained. When the Nevills moved in, they began a program of restoration which continues to this day. Some rooms retain their medieval or Tudor character while others are decorated as they were in Victorian times when Charles and Mary lived there.

Bramall Hall is now owned by the Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, who recently completed a £1.6 million maintenance and restoration program. With continued care, future generations will be able to appreciate the beauty of this historic home as much as Charles and Mary did.

32 thoughts on “Caring for the Past into the Future

  1. I’ve always loved the exterior appearance of Tudor houses, but find the insides dark and dreary and imagine they must have been cold and draughty places to live in – I’m more a cottage person myself 🙂 Although I see the historical importance of it, I can imagine such a place chews up money at an alarming rate!!


  2. My husband and his family are from Manchester and I’m always asking for suggestions of places to visit when we go up! Now I have the perfect place. I do love Tudor buildings and those beams… just gorgeous.

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  3. What an amazing place! Yes – I would have restored 🙂 Just looking at these pictures makes me want to go there and explore. I’m sure there would be hidden rooms and tunnels somewhere! 🙂

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  4. What a beautiful building Bramall Hall is. I’m glad they decided to restore it after years of neglect. I love the colorful Oriental rug in that one room that looks like a study. And all those explosed beams are marvelous. 🙂

    How do you add the map to your posts? I’d love to do that for my travels. 🙂

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