The Last Afternoon

Exploring England #45

The last day of a holiday often seems a little flat. All the planning, the sense of anticipation and the days of nothing but enjoyment are over and the only thing left before arriving home is a very long flight.

Not for us! Our last day was as exciting as the first day. After spending a thrilling morning with Harry Potter at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour we had one last lovely afternoon. My friend Elaine, author of I Used to be Indecisive, took us for a walk around the park which so often features in her beautiful photos.

Cassiobury Park is a peaceful green space encompassing 77 hectares of woods and public amenities. We entered through Langley Way, one of many entrances with enticing glimpses of the woodlands beyond. In early October, the first touches of Autumn were already beginning to transform the trees.

We wandered along the wide path beside the Grand Junction canal, a branch of the larger Grand Union canal, stopping to admire Iron Bridge lock and the narrow boats moored by the bank.

There was no sign of inhabitants on the boats or at the lock keeper’s cottage, and the only wildlife we saw were curious moorhens who came up close, perhaps hoping for a few crumbs of bread.

A notice jokingly warned of the presence of other wildlife, more familiar to us than to Elaine!

Outside the cottage I spied some pretty hanging baskets, and I was inspired yet again to create some of my own at home.

As we turned back we spotted another path leading up into Whippendell Wood, where Elaine often sees drifts of bluebells in spring.

It was tempting to discover what was round the bend, but there was no time to explore further – we had a plane to catch. Like all good things, our explorations in England had come to an end.

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37 thoughts on “The Last Afternoon

  1. Heavens- a full year ago! 🙂 🙂 I don’t seem to’ve seen much of Elaine lately. I know she’s busy. I try to pop in on her Friday letters because she stopped doing 6WS but I don’t always make it. 😦 Many thanks for the link, Carol. Are you home again?


  2. What a lovely place to spend your last afternoon; and lovely company, too. I am not very good at last days. I am always too worried about being at the airport on time to really enjoy the day.


  3. I always hate the last day, especially if it involves an airport. Our last day today with the Aussie family as they drive back to London tomorrow morning. A lovely lunch outdoors near a pretty beach. Salty kisses and sandy toes all round. I shall miss the munchkins.


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