By Day, Into Night

Kevtoberfest #9 Echo Point, Katoomba

The Blue Mountains Region, west of Sydney, is part of the Great Dividing Range and covers an area of 11,400 square kilometres. The rugged sandstone escarpments, sheer cliffs and deep valleys filled with dense eucalypt forest are World Heritage listed and visited by millions of people each year.

One of the best vantage points to view the splendour of the mountains is Echo Point, at Katoomba. Perched on the cliff edge are several lookouts, some jutting out over the valley floor.

With spectacular views of the Three Sisters, the lookouts are popular at any time of day, and especially at sunset when the colour of the stone and sky changes by the minute.

There’s a sense of excitement as the sun begins its descent but, when the last rays of light disappear behind the cliffs, most people watch in silence.

Even the sulphur crested cockatoos, settling into the gum trees for the night, cease their screeching as the daylight begins to fade. It’s an awe-inspiring sight for everyone!

39 thoughts on “By Day, Into Night

  1. Here we are in the heat of Cambodia and you have taken us back to remember our trip of a few years ago up to the Blue Mountains! It was so lovely – and nothing could be more a contrast to where we are today. It’s fun to zig-zag across the world in our memories.

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  4. Wow, beautiful pictures. I’ve visited this place many times. The Three Sisters are stunning! I’m trying to find bush walks in the Blue Mountains that are not that busy. I recently wrote a post about a walk I did in Wentworth Falls. Feel free to check it out πŸ™‚

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