Kevtoberfest #16 Blue Mountains

In late September the Blue Mountains were in full bloom, with flowering natives and exotic blossoms competing for our attention at every stop.

At Jenolan Caves, spring flowers and magnolias filled every available space.

On the Federal Pass track to Scenic World, tiny native blossoms glowed in jewel-like colours.

In Leura, cherry trees laden with delicate blossoms attracted photographers and bees alike.

Waratahs grew wild beside the road to Anvil Rock

and at the Botanic Gardens alongside rhododendrons, proteas and camellias.

Clusters of golden flowers glowed beside blackened seed pods on banksias at Gordon Falls Reserve.

Springtime in the Blue Mountains is blooming beautiful!

47 thoughts on “Abundance

  1. Beautiful flowers and colours Carol – I really do love the waratahs best. They are quite a remarkable sight! It must be lovely in the Blue Mountains in springtime with all the exotics and the natives jostling for pride of place!

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  2. We frequently stop at Laura on our way to Sydney. Itโ€™s such a sweet (though touristy) town and always has something worth seeing in its gardens.

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