Down to the Sea

Kevtoberfest #17 Wagonga Inlet

After days spent wandering in the bush, exploring caves and enjoying flower-filled gardens, we left the mountains and headed east to the coast of southern New South Wales. We drove more than 400 kilometres, first on winding mountain roads before turning onto the expansive Hume Highway. On the Princes Highway, we followed the curve of the coastline to the fishing town of Narooma.

It was late afternoon by the time we pulled into our site in a waterside campground at Wagonga Inlet. With the sun about to disappear behind the hills and the clouds reflected in the darkening water, we set off on a walk along the shore.

The track passed by fishing boats moored for the night and homes overlooking the channel where the water of the inlet enters the Pacific Ocean.

A waterbird foraged on the shore and a stingray passed by, gliding silently through the shallows.

A playful seal swam in wide circles, sometimes coming close before moving into deeper water.

A pelican, seeming to ignore us but ever watchful for tasty morsels, cruised along with the current.

The glory of the sky, changing minute by minute as the sun set, was reflected in the calm waters of the inlet. For a long time we stood watching, until the oncoming darkness made us retrace our steps. After a long day’s drive we were ready for a restful night in this tranquil place.

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51 thoughts on “Down to the Sea

  1. You certainly put some kilometres on the clock on this particular day Carol – but what a lovely place to arrive at. I too enjoyed looking at the photos of the wildlife – amazing! I could live there šŸ™‚ Glad to see you are still enjoying the games I really didn’t hear too much except for the little snippets you shared with me šŸ™‚

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  2. Narooma is such a pretty place. There is going to be an oyster festival there on May 4th and 5th! Your photos catch the serenity of the place perfectly.

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    • It is beautiful and we would love to return and spend more time in that area. One day I would like to just tootle my way down the NSW coast, stopping at every little town along the way. It’s a retirement dream. šŸ™‚ I’m not keen on oysters, but Mr ET would enjoy that.

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  4. What an incredibly beautiful and tranquil place. So beautiful to walk along with you. At first it reminded me of the west coast of Canada but the photo of the sting ray brought me back to reality. That must have been incredible to see or is that a common sighting?

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