Slow Day on the River

Kevtoberfest #22  Nicholson River

Where there’s water, there are boats!

We spent a day exploring the Nicholson River on board Kevin’s vintage cabin cruiser Deeann J. A wide slow-moving waterway, the river flows south-east for 83 kilometres from the foothills of the Victorian Alps to Lake King.

From a small marina near the Princes Highway we sailed upstream, passing fertile farmland and weathered sandstone cliffs.

Dozens of opaque jellyfish floated just below the water’s languid surface and waterbirds near the riverbank basked in the sunshine.

When we turned and sailed downstream, the landscape changed from gently sloping green hills to grassland and marshes.

We sailed under an aged timber bridge, formerly a part of the Bairnsdale to Orbost railway line. Where trains once crossed over the river, cyclists and walkers now follow the path of the East Gippsland Rail Trail. 

At the point where river meets lake, white markers created an imaginary line across the water. Beyond them Lake King’s vast expanse of water stretched away to the distant shore.

Closer to us a tiger snake swam by, gliding swiftly across the water and passing just a few metres away. Luckily it was more intent on reaching the far shore than bothering with us.

After the excitement of Kevtoberfest, a slow day on the river was the perfect way to relax.

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Liquid


36 thoughts on “Slow Day on the River

  1. Would this be freshwater or seawater Carol? The snake suggests fresh, but the jellyfish suggest sea. Or maybe a mix of both as it’s estuarine?

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  3. What perfect weather you had for your day on the water. I have never seen a tiger snake on land or water. What a sighting!

  4. A slow day on the river is perfect any day! It is beautiful and so interesting too – I had the same question as Denzil so I am pleased to see the answer already here as I scrolled down. I’m settling in to watch the wedding too 😀

  5. So much of the scenery looks like you could be in Canada. It’s when you get to things like jellyfish and tiger snakes that the differences really present themselves! Wow!

  6. Great choice in photos. My dad only posts one in maybe twenty photos he takes; I just take a bunch and put them all on facebook because I have trouble deciding which are the best ones.

  7. Gorgeous day on the water except for the snake. I don’t do well with snakes or rodents. You’d think the gardener in me could overcome the trepidation, but they send me running in the opposite direction. I love the birds and the jellyfish. 🙂

    • I’m not keen on snakes or rodents either. That snake gave me the creeps because tiger snakes are one of the most venomous in Australia. I was glad he passed us by. But it was interesting to see him skimming across the water at such a fast pace.

  8. Such a magical place which seems perfect for a day trip! Your pictures left me speechless and I will have to add this place to my bucket list. Is it possible to swim there?

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