A Collection of Favourites

Kevtoberfest #27 The Beginning and The End

It seems fitting to end this Kevtoberfest series as it began, with a few favourites. I started with some special photos of Glen and Kevin to acknowledge their lifelong friendship, and our first destination on the long journey south was Stanthorpe, where we collected some favourite beverages.

In three weeks, we travelled more than 3,000 kilometres and visited many wonderful places. Sometimes though, it’s the little things we remember – these are my favourites.

Poplars, bare-branched at the end of winter. By the time we returned, they were dressed in new spring leaves.

My favourite native bird – a galah, feasting on seed in Kevin’s garden

Giant metal flowers growing up against a corrugated iron wall in Nundle

The ultimate holiday camper – a renovated ice cream van. Travel and ice cream, a winning combination!

My favourite sign, on the wall of a bakery café

This trip was all about beer, with a few craft shops for balance.

Longstocking Nano Brewery at Pambula was Glen’s favourite.

Mine was the Nundle Woollen Mill, aglow with all the colours of the rainbow.

Sunrise at Mallacoota – a glorious start to a new day

Out of the 3,390 photos we took over three weeks I have one absolute favourite, of Kevin and his lovely wife Mary Lou on party night. It captures the joy of celebrating a milestone with family and friends and the anticipation of what lies ahead.

Kevtoberfest has come to an end, and like children playing a favourite new game, we all say “Do it again, Kevin!”

43 thoughts on “A Collection of Favourites

  1. I would love to get my hands on some of that wool at the Nundle Wool Mill. We’ve been up that way a number of times, but have never stopped at Nundle.

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  2. I’ve missed a number of posts along the way, but hopefully I will find time to get back to the ones I missed. I’m sure you have many fond memories of this trip. I love the poplars and the colorful yarn shop, the metal flowers and the ice cream van. You did better than I did over 3 weeks, with only 3,390 pictures. I ended up on my 3 week trip with over 4,000! Either way, it is a lot of photos to go through!! 🙂

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    • I hope you get to go back and read the posts you missed. We visited some lovely places. Don’t you love digital cameras! No cost, no storing photos in albums and you can take as many as you like and it doesn’t matter.


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