On the Beach

An Australian Point of View #4 The Gold Coast

It’s not surprising that more than 10 million people visit the Gold Coast every year. With its subtropical climate, nearby national parks and beautiful beaches, theme parks, wildlife sanctuaries and dozens of restaurants and cafes, Queensland’s second largest city is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations.

For an overall view of the Gold Coast region, go straight to the top. At the Q1 Tower at Surfers Paradise there are observation decks on the 76th and 77th floor.Β  From a height of 230 metres it’s easy to see the 70 kilometres of beautiful beaches and 600 kilometres of canals which make waterfront living so desirable.

Back down at ground level head away from the popular tourist areas and you’ll find plenty of places where it’s not so busy. Go for a long walk, sit on the beach for a while or swim between the flags where vigilant lifeguards keep watch.

If you’re feeling adventurous, take a surf class or do some windsurfing.

Or simply take some time to relax. That’s what everyone else will be doing!



39 thoughts on “On the Beach

  1. It’s 5pm the sun is just disappearing after a glorious GC day and I am just back from my walk round the block, down to the beach and home. Now I’m sitting with feet up and a glass of wine. This is surely one of the best places in the world to call home (even though I do regularly take trips away) your photos are picture perfect

  2. Beautiful! And you’re finding time to blog about Australia while you’re on your Canadian trip! The more I keep reading about Australia from you and my other blogging friends, the more I want to go!!

      • Ah, you’re like me then. I’m busy writing things to post over the 9 weeks I’ll be gone on the Camino and to Portugal. It’s a lot of pressure! I don’t enjoy blogging while traveling because I want to immerse myself in the experience, as I’m sure you do too. It looks like you’re enjoying Niagara Falls. I saw somewhere you did the Hornblower Cruise. Fun, right? When do you return home?

  3. I’m not so keen on the high-risers along the coast, but the views are fabulous. Love the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast – in fact any Australian coast really as you rarely have to clamber down cliffs to reach them!!

    • The good thing about the tower developments is that they have to be a certain distance back from the shoreline so they don’t block the afternoon sun. We do have many easily accessed beaches, that’s for sure.

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