Into the Blue

Canada #9 Victoria to Vancouver

To travel between Vancouver and Victoria, our options were either a plane or a ferry and, after a 14 hour flight from Brisbane to Vancouver, a ferry ride sounded like a great choice. The day we went to Victoria was grey and wet and the glorious scenery we’d looked forward to was shrouded in mist, so we were happy to sit inside and enjoy a warming coffee.

Our return journey was completely different. The sun sparkled on the water and snowcapped Mt Baker was beautifully framed by the bluest sky and ocean.

Even though there were many other travellers there was plenty of room on the outside deck – we didn’t sit inside this time.

The ferry left Vancouver Island from Swartz Bay and sailed past several small islands, across the Strait of Georgia to the terminal at Tsawwassen. The journey of 24 nautical miles took 95 minutes; we could relax and enjoy the spectacular views. The clear blue sky was reflected in the deeper blue of the ocean, both separated on the horizon by the dark lines of densely forested islands.

We saw watercraft of all shapes and sizes. There was no need to compete for space in this wide channel.

Another ferry passed, going where we had just been. Like us, the passengers were all out on the deck, making the most of the glorious day.

50 thoughts on “Into the Blue

  1. Gorgeous pictures on a gorgeous day. The weather up there in the summer is glorious. Don’t try to come here in the summer. We’ll go somewhere else. We have the most marvelous weather right now. πŸ™‚

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    • I recommend spending a few days in Victoria. The BC Connector is excellent. There’s a bus pick up from the city, which goes directly to the ferry, takes you on board and then goes off the ferry right into the centre of Victoria. It couldn’t be easier. I was a little surprised by the cost when I booked the tickets, but it was worth every cent.

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  2. It sounds like you had the best of both worlds, Carol, since you got to make the crossing on a moody day and one filled with sunshine. Having spent time in Malta and Croatia, I’ve come to love traveling by ferry.

    Victoria is a city that’s dear to Shawn’s family, as his grandparents and aunt used to live there. I hope we get the chance to visit someday soon. Was it your first time in Victoria?

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